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Salvage & Trade Services

For 45 years Bailie House Warehouse (Middleditch Salvage) has dealt with a huge cross section of goods from an equally varied cross section of clients such as:

Loss Adjusters   |   Administrators   |   Insurance Firms   |   Wholesalers   |   Retailers

Middleditch Salvage is one of the country's top salvage companies as it will tackle almost any kind of stock and does not limit itself to just one market. The company submits well thought through, practical and competitive tenders. Once commissioned the company makes quick and appropriate decisions and takes action on collection and re-sale to the public, from the warehouse on sale days and through E-bay, without delay. The salvage service operates throughout the entire UK.

The experience that the directors have of handling goods for re-sale is second to none and they are more than aware of the delicate nature of retail today and Bailie House Warehouse’s out of town location along with a de-labelling service assure salvage customers that there will be no compromise to their other retail outlets. Thus giving insurance companies and loss adjusters a return on stocks, which would otherwise have been scrapped.

The company works with the likes of retailers such as:

WH Smith   |   HMV   |   Harvey Nichols   |   Russell and Bromley

And has even worked with Harrods on more than one occasion. This said Middleditch Salvage will entertain any commission and in the past has dealt with containers of fresh flowers, tyres, hot tubs, furniture, designer clothing, fabrics, electrical items, cosmetics, non perishable foodstuffs, books, decorations, videos, tapes, DVD's and much, much more…

If this service is of interest to you please do not hesitate to call the company or use the e-mail contact us form.

The company will also salvage, store and sell goods onto wholesale – once again if this service is of interest to you please do not hesitate to call the company or use the e-mail contact us form

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Bailie House Warehouse
Sturminster Marshall
BH21 4AD

We are situated on the A350 at Sturminster Marshall between Poole and Blandford.

Do give us a call on 01258 857329